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Psychological Help for Ukraine Global

13.03.2021 - 26.10.2022

Psychological Help for Ukraine for:

  • Ukrainian citizens facing war

  • Ukrainian Refugees

  • Training for Psychologists, Social Workers, Volunteers etc

  • Psychological help for Army and Combatants fighting for Ukraine

  • Psychological help for Ukrainian Volunteers

Additional goals:

  • Develop jobs for Ukrainian psychologists, unloading human services in wesstern countries efficiently helping refugees

  • Engage volunteers in helping services

  • Engage Ukrainian refugees in peers support programs

  • Develop peer support programs for veterans

This work started by proactive psychologists, organized by Andrey Fleshel http://fleshel.info in 2014 during the crisis raised by repressions toward progressive civil movement in Ukraine, and by beginning of the russian invasion, and the war conflict in Eastern Regions in Ukraine.

At the beginning it was psychological help for activists, civilians and veterans given randomly within Maydan groups in Kyiv.

Next Fleshel started organizing active groups of psychologists in Kharkiv and Odessa, creating systematic psychological help for victims of the conflicts and supporting peaceful civil movement organizationally, researching social tendencies, engaging in conflict resolution within active groups and between Maydan and Anti-Maidan followers, confronting provocative lies in propaganda.

After violent conflicts in Donetsk and Luhansk agenda changed- it became obvious that it was not inner conflict in Ukraine but informational and military aggression from russia. Andre Fleshel personally was taken by an antimaidan group during an attack on Kharkiv Regional Administration Building in March 1, 2014, where he witnessed organizators and provocateurs brought from russia, all those were documented and addressed to police. 

The movement started helping Maydan and democratic movements, Army, volunteer combatants, fighting for freedom, independence and defending Ukrainians.

Through this period of time many humanitarian organizations were created, helping civilians and the army through the crisis. Most of them were created spontaneously and independently, some of those cooperate, and a big part of those were created by psychologists, providing wide range of help.


Having training and experience in psychological trauma and crisis intervention and field experience, Fleshel was invited to do training and develop programs and materials by Ukrainian Army and Offices Ligue, organization. 

In Februry 25, 2022 Fleshel started online group and individual consulting for Ukrainians, suffering from the war, unable to pay for the services due to financial crisis. Over 500 Ukrainians were able to get essential help and support, learn help and self-help skills, thanks to fast and flexible organization, help of volunteers and Flehel`s students, using group online format and accessible supervision. 

There were over 150 fmanuals, video instructions and other help and self-help materials were created and spread over internet for free starting febrory 2022 

Next was teaching an online group, teaching psychologists and volunteers appropriate crisis intervention skills and developing peer support ring. This group was open and free and helped over 450 participants- https://t.me/warpsychology.

Then most active students were accepted in the professional training program “Crisis Psychology, appropriate psychological help in war” in May 2022, 12 was graduated and certified http://fleshel.info/2022/06/07/crisis-psychologist/ 

But considering the range of humanitarian catastrophe covering millions of people it appears to be a drop in the ocean. 

All mentioned help is based on personal our resources, emotional, informational and financial, which are limited!

We need much more, 

we can do much more, 

considering how much we have done without any external support in such short terms while experiencing our own crisis, emotional and financial.

Ukrainian psychologists showed those amazing self-organizational skills helping civilians and the army, often independently. Huge volunteer movement in Ukraine significantly helped confront the crisis starting. And a big part of this movement was organized and provided by our psychologists over Ukraine.

This crisis is global and we are all interconnected, this helps saving lifes and investing in wellbeing all over the Earth, preventing various losses in future and making this world a better place to live in.


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